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It is Our Job to match the right employee to the right employer!

Pharmacist Checking Medicine


Why choose our services

Because - We are professional, quick and affordable.

p2p Recruitment currently has the fastest growing talent pool of job seekers consisting of pharmacists, intern pharmacists, pharmacy managers, pharmacy students, naturopaths, retail managers and pharmacy assistants.

Professional - Our teams are experts in recruiting staff within the pharmacy industry.

Quick - We use world-class sophisticated online recruitment tools to streamline and speed-up the entire process.

Affordable -Unlike traditional recruitment companies, p2p Recruitment offers 2 options of service i.e. standard and premium service.  Both offers provide great value.

Our investment in world class online technology simplifies the entire recruitment process and enables us to offer affordable pricing to the industry. 

Connecting pharmacists 2 pharmacies

Our process

We match the right employees to the right employers using a sophisticated online tool that filters out applications that don't meet the skills and competencies. We short list applicants and stream line the recruitment process through the recruitment stages from scheduling interviews to final hiring.


Our obligation

We will provide you with the right candidate each and everytime.

p2p Recruitment will provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates  within 10 working days or even earlier.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our systems and services that we offer the following guarantees:

  • 100% re-adversting guarantee on any position not filled after a 45 days for our Standard and Premium Service as per our terms and conditions.

  • 100% replacement guarantee as part of our Premium Service if any applicant leaves of their own accord within the first 4 weeks of their employment as per our terms and conditions. 


So if you are a pharmacy owner looking for staff don't hesitate…….

press the ‘looking to hire' button to view our range of services.

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